Something About Your Heart

I can see a broken dream has brought you to this place
Things are not all they seem—it kills you just to face it

It’s hard to hear your voice inside the noise of every day
But I suspect an answer hides just one heartbeat away

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Eight hours five days a week I got
Nothing better to do than think of my
Future the things I will see when I
Get movin’ away from here because
I got no chance of advancing in
My job so I’ll just use my

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In the middle of the night
Under the clear black sky
The white noise disappears
If it takes a little time
A minor adjustment, that’s fine
So no one interferes

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Logical Girl

I don’t mean to be cynical
But it’s not practical
It’s high time we got critical
Our life’s illogical
You and I are just about as far apart as we can be
I don’t understand what lies beneath this attraction

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Noise About Living

Noise About Living Song image copyright

Let’s make some noise about living
It ain’t over yet
A paradise or a prison
Sometimes it’s all in your head
As long as you’re still breathing
And you can get out of bed
Just make some noise about living
And keep your eyes straight ahead

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Gwyneth Marie

Gwyneth Marie Song image copyright

Gwyneth Marie, oh-oh
If I told you that the time has come
To paint the world we see
Gwyneth Marie, oh-oh
Would you run and set your canvas up
To paint that world with me?

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Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind Song image copyright

You are the reason why I can’t concentrate
The reason why I get to sleep too late
I never learned how to meditate
These thoughts intrude upon my mental state

You are the reason, you are the reason
You are the reason why I’ve got a monkey mind
I’ve got a monkey, I’ve got a monkey
I’ve got a monkey, I’ve got a monkey mind

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